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Competitive Intelligence

Alerts, Web Database and Comprehensive Reports for Commercial or Clinical Needs

What surprises does your competition have waiting for you?

How will you guide your organization or product line in the face of an aggressive competitive landscape?

Could the product you're developing be beaten in the marketplace prior to launch?

To answer these questions and address other concerns, executives at leading life science companies rely on competitive intelligence provided by Boston Market Strategies, Inc. (BMSI). Our customized reports equip managers with the key data points and intelligence needed for informed decision making.

Boston Market Strategies' MD's, PhD's and MBA's work with you to understand what your business issues are, then tailor information-gathering, alerts and reports to your specific informational needs.

BMSI's customized reports and timely alerts provide insights to clinical activities and business events potentially impacting your business, your clients, your market, and your competitors. The reports are prioritized and presented in a simple to follow, color coded format. Reports are delivered monthly via email at a date of your choosing. You may also elect to receive interim e-mail alerts requiring urgent attention.

Easily access your subscription reports through BMSI's proprietary, secure web portal. Reports can be distributed directly to all members of your core team or across the company.

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